Thursday , January 17 2019
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Welcome to our joint December and January issue which will see you through the festive period and into the New Year. We have everything from a very indulgent boozy trifle recipe to a look at the increasing interest in veganism. We visit Ibiza, meet John Gordon-Saker of OPEN in Norwich and we find out that we've all been drinking a lot of New Zealand wine!

We are back at the end of January with our February issue, which has weddings and romance and its heart! And don't forget that you can meet us at the Holkham Festive Fair on December 15 and 16.


Quinoa and Mushroom Breakfast Bowl


This quinoa & mushroom breakfast bowl utilises vegan ingredients naturally high in protein, all without skimping on that all important flavour. It's the kind of 10 minute recipe that makes a great breakfast or brunch but also keeps well in the fridge.

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Green Vegetable Frittata


This frittata makes the perfect prep ahead option. It's high in protein which stops sugar cravings later in the day and provides tons of nutrients from the various green vegetables within it. The recipe is versatile, most vegetables go and the type of cheese can be swapped pretty easily too.

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