Thursday , May 13 2021

Easters of Norwich - The Black Book

Welcome to the Feast Directory, our very own ‘little black book’ of recommended restaurants, holiday cottages, producers and more. It is set to grow and grow and should be a useful reference aid when trying to track down a great caterer, baker or romantic restaurant! Enjoy

Easters of Norwich

Address 156-158 Northumberland St Norwich Norfolk NR2 4EE United Kingdom Telephone: 01603 622890 Telephone: 01603 760565 Website:


Photo of Easters of Norwich

Easters is a family run fruit, vegetable and dairy wholesaler operating in Norwich. For more than 40 years it has been at the forefront of providing a wide range of produce at a competitive rate and with a reliable service to some of the best loved places in Norwich. It can offer an extensive range of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as dairy, frozen and dried products in addition to our range of herbs and breads. The bespoke hand-prepared vegetable service is unique and the team are committed to supplying local produce in all categories and whenever possible.