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Recipes: World Gin Day cocktails 1

Recipes: World Gin Day cocktails

Enjoy a couple of gin cocktails from Norwich-based Bullards Spirits

Bullards Spirits | www.bullardsspirits.co.uk

Bullards is a name that’s synonymous with the history of Norwich. Well known for supplying beers, wines and spirits, the fascinating history of Bullards spans six generations and continues to the present day with their award-winning, handcrafted gin.

In 1837, while the country was celebrating the first year of Queen Victoria’s reign, Richard Bullard founded The Anchor Brewery in the heart of Norwich. They supplied a range of popular beers across Norfolk, and imported wines and spirits. 

2015 saw the Bullards name revived following Russell Evans’ recovery of the lost identity of Bullards. Links with the Bullard family and John Bullard, great, great grandson of brewery founder Richard Bullard and his family were restored, and Bullards Spirits emerged.

Bullards Spirits’ gins are multi-award winning. Titles to their name include six 2017 Global Gin Guide awards – including World’s Best London Dry Gin, as well as Distillery of the Year. Bullards Spirits launched their new packaging in late 2018 with the Tipsy Anchor taking centre stage. The shape of the bottle is inspired by the Bullard’s chimney that towered over Norwich for more than 100 years and their new design builds on the heritage of an iconic brand.

Bullards Spirits’ latest innovation from 2020, their Eco-Refill Pouch and Bottle For Life concept, aims to reduce their carbon footprint, while allowing customers to keep their beautiful, coloured glass bottles in use. 

Gin RickeyServes One
Recipes: World Gin Day cocktails 2

50ml of London Dry Gin
15ml of freshly squeezed lime juice
10ml of pure cane sugar syrup
15ml of sparkling water
Lime wedges

Fill a highball glass with ice
Add lime wedges and stir
Add London Dry, lime juice and syrup into a shaker
Shake over ice and strain into the glass
Top with sparkling water

Cobbler – Serves One
Recipes: World Gin Day cocktails 3

50ml of London Dry Gin
20ml of freshly squeezed lemon juice
15ml of elderflower cordial
Soda water
Mint leaves
Lemon wedge and cucumber slice as garnish

Lightly muddle mint in the base of a shaker
Add the lemon juice, elderflower cordial and gin and shake over ice
Fine strain into a crushed ice filled tall glass
Top with soda water
Garnish with lemon wedge, mint, and cucumber slice

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