Friday , January 28 2022
The Explorer, with Agora Rosso Vermouth 1

The Explorer, with Agora Rosso Vermouth

Agora Rosso Vermouth |

Enjoy this cocktail created with a new Suffolk aperitif, Agora Rosso Vermouth, as we celebrate Vermouth Day tomorrow

This recipe comes Arthur Voulgaris, founder of Agora Rosso Vermouth, who tells us:

‘I fell in love with vermouth early in my drinks industry career when I was running a famous wine bar in Melbourne, Australia. It was here that I first encountered the Negroni cocktail – and met my partner from Suffolk.

Vermouth has a rich heritage; in Ancient Greece, wormwood was blended with spices and aromatised wines to create vermouth, and these ingredients were brought to Europe via the Spice Road.

Being of mixed Greek and Australian heritage, I was intrigued to discover more about this ingredient which is used in many classic cocktails, from the Negroni, to a Manhattan or Martini. It’s vermouth that adds the complexity, character and colour to create these famous drinks. I like to think of it as the secret agent of the bar industry and funnily enough, vermouth is in every Vodka Martini ever drunk by James Bond!

After settling in Suffolk and being surrounded by an abundance of floral ingredients, I began to think about creating a new, English take on this once-fashionable drink. My vermouth, Agora, is lovingly blended and bottled by hand using quality local ingredients and avoids synthetic flavours and colours.

It is very versatile and can be enjoyed in many ways – traditionally served on ice with a slice, in cocktails such as a Manhattan, Negroni, Gin & It, Rob Roy, Spritz or simply served topped up with tonic, for a refreshing cool drink.’

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The Explorer, with Agora Rosso Vermouth 2

45ml of Agora Rosso Vermouth
30ml of rose infused gin

Stir, strain and pour over ice

Garnish with a dried rose petal

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