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Recipes: Stovetop Apple Breakfast Crumble 1

Recipes: Stovetop Apple Breakfast Crumble

Recipes: Stovetop Apple Breakfast Crumble 2

Kathy Slack has a breakfast recipe for us from her debut cookbook, From the Veg Patch

I don’t have an Aga, but if I did, this is what I would cook on it. It’s the kind of breakfast that brings to mind farmhouse kitchens, old, smelly Labradors, and paisley tablecloths; the sort of world where someone bothers to actually cook breakfast rather than just shovelling  down a bowl of cereal. It’s wholesome, homely, and sustaining. A dish for making after a wet morning dog walk and for serving with ruddy cheeks and a pot of tea. 

Any leftover (cooled) granola crumble will keep in an airtight container  at room temperature for a few days. And for a quick pudding, replace the yogurt below with cream, ice cream or custard. In which case, a splash of calvados in the apple pan during the final minutes of cooking would be welcome (and so it might be at breakfast too, but probably best not …). 

Extracted from From the Veg Patch by Kathy Slack (Ebury Press, £25). Photography by Kathy Slack.

Serves Two


30g of jumbo oats 
25g of porridge oats
25g of medium oatmeal
1 tbsp of milled linseed
1-2 tbsp of set honey
60g of butter

2 tbsp of flaked almonds
3  small, firm eating apples like Braeburn or Orange Pippin (nothing too floury or they’ll disintegrate when you fry them)
Natural yogurt, to serve

Mix all the oats, oatmeal and linseed together in a bowl. Add the honey and half the butter and rub them into the oaty mixture with your fingertips until the butter is evenly distributed. Stir in the flaked almonds, then set aside. 

Core, but don’t peel the apples and cut them into eighths. Melt the remaining butter in a frying pan over a medium-high heat and, when foaming, add the apple wedges and sauté for 8–10 minutes, turning occasionally, until golden brown. Scoop the apples into two serving bowls, leaving the juices behind in the pan. 

Tip the crumble mixture into the buttery apple juices and cook  over a medium-high heat for around 5 minutes (keeping the mixture moving so it doesn’t burn) until it is golden brown and the butter and honey have melted to create sticky, caramel nuggets of crumble. Remove from the heat.

To serve, scatter some of the warm crumble over the sautéed apples and offer some yogurt on the side

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