Saturday , October 31 2020


Christmas Lebkuchen Biscuits

Christmas Lebkuchen Biscuits 1

Lebkuchen are a traditional soft German Christmas biscuit. You can use cookie cutters and make them into any shape you like, then pop a hole in the top, thread with cotton and hang on your Christmas tree. They are easy to make and delicious

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Pumpkin Feast Bombs

Pumpkin Feast Bombs 2

With Halloween and bonfire night only a few days away these are the perfect bonfire treat. You can make these ahead of time and just deep-fry when needed. Serve these bite sized spiced bon bons in little bags for friends and family to tuck into while they are ‘oohing and ahhing’ over the fireworks!

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Energy Bars


These fabulous Energy Bars are a great breakfast bar, mid-morning energy pick-me-up or ideal for picnics and days out. Not only are they super delicious but they are also full of nutrients, fibre and protein. They are refined sugar free, nut free, gluten free and egg free, so what’s not to like?

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Elderflower & Blueberry Lollies

Tasty blueberries in basket on a blue wooden table

On a hot weekend what could be better than an ice lolly? Unfortunately, most of the lollies you buy are full of sugar and not very healthy. Well, help is at hand as here are a few flavour combinations to get you started, with no additives or added sugars. Lollies are fun to make with the children and you can have almost any flavour that takes your fancy. Here is one favourite by Sara Matthews

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