Tuesday , December 7 2021
Pork Stew

Saxon pork and apple stew

Recipe by Vivien Cawrse, Porkstock recipe competition winner

Featured in Feast 21 – November 2017

Serves 10-12


1 litre of apple juice
1 vegetable stock cube
8 pork loin steaks

2 large (or 4 small) leeks, sliced 

8oz of small button mushrooms
3 eating apples, chopped, with skin on
salt and pepper to season
rosemary or sage to flavour

Pour the apple juice into a large pan and crumble in the stock cube. Add any herbs chosen – I don’t use them as I like the clear apple flavour. Cut off all visible fat from the loin steaks and cube the meat. Add to the apple juice and put on a high heat. Cut the leeks into half inch slices and add to the juice with the whole button mushrooms. Add seasoning and cook for 20 minutes stirring occasionally. 5 minutes from end add the cored and chopped apples (still with the peel on).

To serve
New potatoes or with thick slices of spelt bread and butter

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