Wednesday , October 27 2021

Pan roast turbot, sea vegetables, wild garlic pesto, Norfolk Peer potatoes

Fran HartshorneBy Fran Hartshorne, The White Horse, Brancaster Staithe

Serves Four


500g/1kilo of whole turbot
500g of washed sea beets
200g of salty fingers
500g of Norfolk Peer potatoes – cooked and halved

For the Pesto:
250g of wild garlic picked & washed
50g of toasted pine nuts
30g of grated Parmesan
Cold press olive oil

Remove fillets from turbot & cut each fillet into a 5oz portion, discard bones or keep for a fish stock. Leave fish to one side.

To make pesto
Put wild garlic, Parmesan and nuts into a blender, add olive oil (about 250ml) and  blitz, add more oil if needed.

Next, place two flat pans onto the heat one for fish, one for potatoes & sea vegetables. Season flesh of fish with pepper only as vegetables are salty. Pan roast in oil getting a nice caramelisation on one side then flip fish, add butter and lemon remove from the heat and keep basting with butter allow to finish off the heat.

In the other pan add a dash of oil; add sea beets and wilt, in same pan sauté potatoes finish with pesto.

To assemble
Place potatoes onto plate, add sea beats then fish on top, garnish with salty fingers only one or two, dress with rapeseed oil. 

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