Wednesday , October 20 2021

Lobster Burger

By Bourgee Restaurant


300g of Cromer lobster meat (when in season)
200g of crayfish tails, chopped finely
5g of chives, chopped finely
5g of flat parsley, chopped finely
350g of potatoes (such as Buxton Potatoes), smoothly mashed (not seasoned and with no cream or butter added)
1 medium red onion (ideally from the Brecks), finely chopped
pinch of Maldon sea salt and black pepper 
1 whole egg, whisked
flour (such as Heygates), to dust
Crush Foods rapeseed oil, to shallow fry

For the burger dressing:
15g of dressed rocket or watercress
1 bottle of RocketShip Sauce (Original)
50ml of sour cream
4 brioche buns

Serves 4

1. Combine the following: lobster, crayfish, chives, parsley, mash, onion, salt/pepper and egg, mix all together in a large bowl until all blended together

2. Separate into 4 equal sized portions, and shape to desired thickness and shape, flour both sides, and shallow fry until lightly brown either side. Remove from oil, drain on kitchen roll (be careful to lift gently as they can be a little fragile)

3. Once drained, place on oven tray on baking parchment and finish in 180°C fan oven for approximately 8 minutes, until piping hot in the centre (you can check this with skewer or tip of a knife)

4. Remove from oven and serve with warm brioche bun, RocketShip sauce, sour cream, and dressed rocket or watercress 

Featured in issue 34 – March 2019

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