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Recipes: Pajeon - Korean Scallion Pancakes 1

Recipes: Pajeon – Korean Scallion Pancakes

Recipe by Sara Matthews | @sarabynatureskitchen

Free from recipe writer Sara Matthews has a Korean favourite for us to enjoy

This tasty pancake is a vegan version of a Korean scallion (spring onion) pancake. Pa means scallion, while jeon means pancake.

It is a great light lunch dish that can be enjoyed hot or cold with a large dollop of kimchi and a dipping sauce. Perfect for sharing, you can use it as a side in place of a flat bread, or as a starter.

Makes 2 pancakes, serves 2-4


130g of GF plain flour
30g of corn flour
1tsp of baking powder
2tsp of Chinese 5 spice
1tsp of kala Namak (black salt) gives an egg flavour (optional)
Pinch of turmeric for colour
240ml of water
A bunch of spring onions, finely sliced lengthways then cut in half

1 large carrot, grated 
1 green chilli, finely chopped
GF hoisin sauce or dipping sauce to serve

1tbsp of tamari (gf soya sauce)
1tsp of ginger, grated
1tbsp of rice wine vinegar
1tsp of maple syrup
A few chopped scallions and chilli flakes

In a bowl add the plain flour, corn flour, baking powder, Chinese spices and black salt. Then add the water and whisk to combine.

Add the vegetables to the batter and stir to combine.

In a hot shallow non-stick pan, add half the mixture and spread with a spatula to cover the bottom of the pan, cook for a couple of minutes until the batter starts to set and changes colour. Then flip over the pancake and cook for a further 3-4 minutes, until the batter is completely set and turning golden and slightly crispy.

Place on a plate and slice, repeat with the rest of the batter.

Serve hot or cold with kimchi and either gluten free hoisin sauce or a dipping sauce.

To make the dipping sauce, just mix all the ingredients together

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