Thursday , October 21 2021

Rhubarb Cranachan with forced rhubarb, village honey, Glenlivet, oats

By Lee Bye, Tuddenham Mill


300g of forced rhubarb (washed and trimmed)
60g of caster sugar
400ml of double cream
2-3 tbsp of Glenlivet Scottish whisky
60g of toasted porridge oats
3 tbsp of wild honey (I use the honey here in Tuddenham)

Serves 4


To make the rhubarb compote
Slice the rhubarb as thin as possible with a sharp knife. Place in a heavy bottomed pan with the sugar and mix well. Place on a medium to high heat until the sugar dissolves, stirring well. Once the sugar has dissolved place a lid on the pan so it is air tight and cook quickly until the rhubarb has all broken down. Be careful not to catch the rhubarb on the bottom of the pan. We are not looking to caramelise the rhubarb, just to soften it and retain all the flavour by cooking it fast. Once cooked, spread over a chilled tray and place in the fridge straight away to enable the cooking process to slow right down. This will be ready after about an hour.

To make the ‘fool’
While this is cooling it gives you time to make the fool part of the Cranachan. Whip the cream in a chilled mixing bowl just so it starts to fall off the whisk. Be careful not to over work the cream as it will be too stiff and any ingredients that are folded in will cause the mixture to become grainy. Once the cream is the correct consistency fold in the whisky, the honey and two thirds of the toasted oats. Taste and texture are huge players in this elegant, timely dessert. When the rhubarb is ready, gently spoon a healthy amount over the cream mixture and finish with the remaining toasted oats. Taste throughout the whole process for sweetness – rhubarb can catch you off guard sometimes so it’s really important you taste, taste, and taste again.


Recipe published in Feast, issue 13.

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