Wednesday , October 27 2021

Chocolate Marquise

By Nicolas and Loraine Parker


For the Chocolate Marquise
225g of dark chocolate
240g of butter
3 egg yolks
85g of caster sugar
375ml of double cream

For the Chocolate Glaze
50g of water
125g of sugar
95g of double cream
60g of glucose
38g of cocoa
3 gelatine leaves

Serves 4

For the Marquise
Place chocolate and butter in a bowl and melt over a pan of simmering water, stirring occasionally until melted. In another bowl whisk the cream until it forms soft peaks and set aside. Place yolks and sugar in another bowl and whisk over a pan of simmering water until light and fluffy. Carefully mix the yolk mixture into the chocolate and then fold in the cream. Pour into tray, place in the fridge until set.

For the Glaze
Bring water and sugar to the boil, and in a separate pan boil cream, glucose and cocoa. Mix both together. Meanwhile soak gelatine in cold water until soft, squeeze out any excess water and add to chocolate mix. Mix well, and place in fridge, skimming off any air bubbles that may form on the top. When mixture cools down to approximately 30-35 degrees, pour over marquise mixture. Leave until completely set, before removing from mould and cutting into portions using a hot sharp knife.

Recipe published in Feast, issue 15.

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