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Cranachan 1


Cranachan 2Recipe by Richard Knights of Byfords in Holt |

Sarah Hardy takes part in Curious Cooks, an online cooking demo with Byfords of Holt. Here is their recipe for Cranachan, a lovely Scottish dessert with oats, raspberries, cream and whisky. Perfect for a finishing flair at a Burns Night supper for dessert.

Serves Four


50g Porridge Oats
200g fresh British raspberries
1 orange
40g Caster Sugar
350ml double cream
2 tbsp honey (preferably heather)
Whiskey, to taste

First off toast the porridge oats – you can do this by either heating under a grill, placing in a hot pan and constantly keep moving or place on a tray in a hot oven and heat until golden but not burnt- then allow to cool.

Make a raspberry purée by blending half the fruit. Sweeten this to taste with a little caster sugar. Whisk the double cream until just set, and stir in the honey and whisky, trying not to over-whip the cream. Taste the mix and add more of either if you feel the need.

Take the orange and carefully cut the skin away. Then with a sharp knife cut out each segment. Once all the segments are removed cut them in half.

Take the whiskey cream and carefully stir in the oatmeal and whisk lightly until the mixture is just firm. Alternate layers of the cream with the remaining whole raspberries, orange segments and purée in 4 glasses. Allow to chill slightly before eating.

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