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Chicken liver parfait, sweetcorn, chicken wing and lemon 1

Chicken liver parfait, sweetcorn, chicken wing and lemon

By Roger Hickman

Serves 4

250g chicken livers
275g of unsalted butter
3 eggs
6 chicken wings
Rape seed oil
Panko breadcrumbs, blitzed until they have a fine texture
350g of frozen sweetcorn
3 leaves of gelatine, softened in warm water
150ml of double cream, whipped to soft peaks
100g of chestnut mushrooms
20ml of Madeira
100ml of lemon juice
Watercress, to garnish

To make the parfait, melt 250g of butter in a pan. Meanwhile, blitz the raw livers and two eggs in a food processor, then add a decent pinch of salt. Now slowly add the melted butter, with the processor still running, until it has all been absorbed into the liver mix. Pass the whole mixture through a sieve, and put into a baking tray.

Put the tray into a bain-marie, and bake in the oven at 160°C. After 20 minutes, check the mixture with a temperature probe, it should be at least 65°C in the middle. If it hasn’t reached this temperature, return to the oven for a few more minutes, checking again. 

When it has reached the correct temperature, take the tray out of the bain-marie, and put it into some iced water to stop the cooking. When it has cooled, whisk the parfait to incorporate some air and make it a lighter texture, and adjust the seasoning. Put into a piping bag so that you can pipe the parfait onto the plate.

Cut the chicken wings in the middle and discard the lower parts. Put the upper parts of the wings in a pan with enough cold oil to cover them. Bring the oil to the boil, simmer for five minutes, and then turn off the heat and allow to cool. When cool enough to handle, push the bone out through the middle, and then chop each wing in half, giving you 12 pieces in total. 

Whisk an egg in a bowl, and then pane the wings by dipping them first in some flour, then the egg, then the Panko breadcrumbs. Deep fry in oil at 170°C until golden – the meat is already cooked.

To make the sweetcorn mousse, juice 250g of the frozen sweetcorn, which should give you about 150ml of juice. Season, and then add two of the gelatine leaves. Heat until the mixture reaches 50°C, at which point the gelatine should dissolve. Remove from the heat, allow to cool, and refrigerate. Once the jelly is set, remove from the fridge and whisk. Then add the cream, and return to the fridge to set as a mousse.

Chargrill or blow-torch the remaining 100g of sweetcorn, to use as garnish on the plate.

Chop the mushrooms, and brown them in 25g butter. Deglaze the pan with the Madeira. Blitz carefully in a food processor – you are not looking to make a fine puree, but a coarse duxelle.

Finally, make the lemon jelly. Bring the lemon juice to the boil, and then add  the remaining gelatine leaf. Allow to cool, and set in the fridge. When it comes to serving, lightly whisk the jelly to loosen the texture.

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