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Rosemary Gressingham Duck Breast, Orange & Star Anise Baby Carrots, Norfolk Asparagus, Torched Spring Onions, Confit Shallots

Mark_ElvinBy Mark Elvin, Barnham Broom



Gressingham duck breasts
6 spears of Norfolk asparagus
4 spring onions
2 banana shallots
4 baby carrots
6 Star anise

½ pint of orange juice
2 sprigs of rosemary
1 small bunch of thyme
4 cloves of garlic
600ml of Norfolk rapeseed oil
300ml of beef stock

1. Remove any sinew from the duck breast and lightly score the top of the skin. Set aside.

2. Place the orange juice, thyme and star anise in a saucepan, bring to the boil and add carrots, cook until tender.

3. Place the rapeseed oil, thyme and garlic in a small pan and add the peeled banana shallot, gently cook until the shallot is soft to the touch.

4. Peel and prepare the asparagus and set aside. Prepare the spring onion and blow torch until it has a BBQ look and soft to the touch.

5. Place a non-stick pan on the heat and add the duck breast, skin side down. Do not add any oil to cook the duck.

6. Season and place in the oven for 7/8 Minutes at 200 degrees C.

7. Take out once cooked and rest for four minutes, using the same pan roast the asparagus, baby carrots and shallots until glazed.

Plate up.

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