Tuesday , May 17 2022
Taste Test 1

Taste Test


Feast tries out a selection of artisan Norfolk and Suffolk foodie goodies!

Taste Test 2Season’s Bounty
Seville Marmalade with Cognac Marinated Sultana, £4.95
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This is a thick, firm set marmalade with a yummy bite to the rind, and the addition of golden sultanas soaked in cognac gives a delightfully boozy touch. Deep in colour and gloriously sticky, it isn’t too sweet or too bitter, making it perfect for breakfast. I actually tried it with my morning porridge which was delicious. The orange wasn’t too thick but chunky enough for you to know it’s in there! 

Taste Test 3Berczy Hard Seltzers
£26.95 for a pack of 12

If you’re looking for a healthier, guilt-free alcoholic drink for alfresco dining this summer, reach for Berczy hard seltzers. Made of just three ingredients: ultra-pure four-times distilled spirit derived from sugar beet, pure sparkling water and real fruit flavours, Berczy is ideal for the health-conscious and with just 75 calories per can and 4% ABV, it’s the perfect swap for heavier sugar alcohol drinks. Gluten-free, vegan-friendly, allergen-free and caffeine free, choose from three flavours: Peach and Raspberry, Passionfruit and Turmeric, and Lemon and Lime.  

Taste Test 4Turkish Delight Jelly
Cherished, £3.95
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We were all slightly intrigued when we were handed a jar of Turkish Delight Jelly to try as we’ve enjoyed the odd piece of Turkish delight but never tried a jelly version before. As a keen baker, one of the team thought they would try to be a little creative. So far they’ve made a steamed sponge pudding and a Swiss roll. The rich, sweet, rose flavour of the jelly compliments a plain sponge perfectly. Spread on toast or added to a scone with cream, there are many ways to enjoy this jelly which is a great idea as a gift for a keen foodie, too.

Taste Test 5Spiced Green Tomato and Apple Chutney
Stokes Sauces, £3.65

This is a new product from the well known Suffolk-based producer who offers a comprehensive range of sauces, condiments and more.

It’s a darkish, chunky chutney with hints of chilli, garlic and mustard seeds, plus lots of sourish Bramley apples which all combine to produce a sharp, tasty accompaniment. It smells great, too.

It’s great in cheese sandwiches, but add a dollop to pork dishes and you won’t be disappointed! Plus it is vegan, and both dairy and gluten free.

Taste Test 6Ribusoli Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Tuscan Farm Shop, Burnham Market, £20.50 for 500ml

This single estate oil is produced in Montalcino in Tuscany by Wanda Djebbar – who also runs a lovely cafe/deli in Burnham Market, packed with goodies from her Italian farm. This extra virgin olive oil is very verdant, with a fresh grassy taste. It’s too good to cook with, rather dip, dip, dip with gorgeous breads, pour over salads or swirl on top of a bowl of soup. Also look out for Wanda’s range of wines – we say no more!

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