Thursday , May 19 2022
Profile: Swig Agency, Norwich 1

Profile: Swig Agency, Norwich

Profile: Swig Agency, Norwich 2Setting up a food and drinks creative marketing agency seemed like a great idea, but then a global pandemic hit and the world went into lockdown! Days turned into weeks and months of juggling home schooling with full working weeks, configuring the logistics of home food deliveries and squeezing in morning PE sessions with Joe Wicks! At one point, we (co director Ryan Nesbitt and I) wondered how on earth we were going to succeed.

Early on we noticed consumer behaviour patterns changing as people were driven to buy online, and thus businesses – through necessity – were having to diversify their offerings. Witnessing how devastatingly hard our hospitality and food and drink industries were being hit, we knew there were going to be lots that would need help and support to develop and grow new income channels. 

So, Ryan and I carried on building a business plan via hours spent on Facetime at our respective home desks with constant interruptions, like children needing help with school work, cooking three meals a day plus knocks at the door from the butcher, the baker and the grocer to receive incoming home deliveries! It’s fair to say the pandemic didn’t kill our dream of what we were trying to set up and achieve, if anything it made us strive harder to make Swig a reality.

Being entrenched in the drinks industry for more than 15 years – setting up craft beer pubs and founding Redwell Brewery in 2013 and moving on to head up marketing at Bullard’s Spirits in 2018 – has given me a really solid understanding of the food and drink industry.  Ryan also has a marketing background, and set up his own digital marketing agency in 2013. 

We both agreed there was a need for a food and drink specific agency and felt combining our skill sets to create a niche business, offering the full mix of marketing would set us on a good path to help food and drink brands.

Having navigated the highs and lows of the food and drink world myself means that Swig has a really good understanding of what companies need to do to succeed. So whether it’s advice on branding and packaging, websites and ad campaigns or developing direct to consumer channels, we really do get it.Profile: Swig Agency, Norwich 3

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