Thursday , May 19 2022
Taste Test 1

Taste Test

Taste Test 2Black Bee Honey
We tried the limited edition Seaside Honey, made from foraged sea lavender by bees on the North Norfolk coast. Unpasteurized, unblended and unprocessed, it has a slight salted caramel flavour, which works well with ice cream – of course!  Three honeys are produced by Chris and Paul, the pair behind this Somerset-based company, who are passionate about what they do. A 227g jar is £10.50.

Taste Test 3Smoked Salmon
Phil Hart runs Staithe Smokehouse in Brancaster Staithe in North Norfolk where he smokes the most wonderful salmon, cod and kippers in his oak kiln. No dyes or chemicals are used – just time and love!  The smoked salmon is a real treat,  whether served on sourdough or, a Feast favourite, with creamy scrambled eggs. Prices are £34 per kilo.

We also tried their smoked salt – perfect, at this time of year, for barbecue meats and fish.

Taste Test 4Rose Jelly
New producer Emily-Jane Webb has just launched her eco-conscious business which sells lovely treats, from jams to chutneys, snacks, sauces and more. We tried her rose jelly which she recommended serving with vanilla ice cream and boy, was it delicious! Not too sweet, with a delicate fragrance, it’s a perfect topping. Made primarily from rose petals, a 8oz jar is £3.60 and is a great summer treat. Good luck Emily-Jane!

Taste Test 5Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
Dann’s Farm
This is a rich ice cream made with plenty of double cream – straight from the Holstein – Friesian dairy cows on this Mid Norfolk farm. It is rather a bright green but the chocky bits are good and crunchy. It’s not too sweet but feels pretty luxurious – must be the free range eggs. Lots of flavours and sorbets are available but this classic combo is a favourite. A 100ml tub is £1.50.

Taste Test 6Banana Crisps
Made by Katie’s Food Co, these snacks are vegan, gluten and dairy free and have no preservatives or added sugar. They look and taste pretty much like regular crisps, too. Four flavours are available – Himalayan Salt (a favourite), Salt and Vinegar, Mixed Herb and Thai Sweet Chilli.

Here at Feast, we think these are pretty clever – they provide a vital mid morning, guilt free snack which tastes good, too. A 32g bag is £1.49.

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