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Glass of wine, Mum?

Our wine expert Steve Hearnden has some ideas for Mothering Sunday tipples

This time last year we were fighting the Beast from the East, and I think we all remember this challenging weather for many different reasons. Mine was that I had to postpone my seven day visit to France three times and ended up with just three days there. However, it was the start of rekindling my love for Beaujolais wines and, though I could only squeeze in a few meals whilst there, the wine of the trip was Beaujolais Blanc. 

I wrote about this wine for the Christmas edition so will not repeat myself except to say that if you enjoy a soft Chardonnay wine then it is the one for you. Currently, Chardonnay is a little out of fashion as the drier, more acidic, wines are preferred, but for this time of year a good Chardonnay would accompany roast pork, which is a good Sunday roast, perfect for
Mothering Sunday.  

Should you be eating lamb, then a soft fruity wine made from the Gamay grape would be perfect. Again, Beaujolais would fit the bill well; the Beaujolais Villages is excellent value and so soft and fruity. There are a few tannins on the aftertaste but, with a good finish, what more do you want for your Sunday lunch wine? Out of the 10 named village wines you could try the Fleurie 2016 or Brouilly 2016.

Whilst both from the Gamay, they do have subtly different characteristics. The wine has black cherry aromas with a hint of coffee and vanilla. There is soft cherry yoghurt on the palate, which is enhanced by a little spice. I always like to drink my Beaujolais red cool, not chilled, but below room temperature as it enhances the total experience and emphasises the flavours and aromas.  The wine will normally change in the glass as it warms so you can enjoy the different stages of evolution.

And so the choice is yours! Alternatively, you could try one of our special offers which has all six Beaujolais wines for £60. At £10 a bottle for such quality wine, it is not to be missed.

There are other offers listed on the website, and they are very popular with
my customers as they can try different wines and find one they love. I have chosen the wines carefully to give a wide range of tastes and they are made from many different grapes to ensure the tasting experience is complete.

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Recipe published in Feast Issue 34 – March 2019

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