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Complete & Utter Brasted’s


Featured in issue 43 – February 2020 Spotlight Feature

With more than 35 years’ experience of catering for high profile events, the team at the award-winning Brasted’s, based in Framingham Pigot, decided that it was high time the outside catering arm of the business had its own, very tongue-in-cheek name: Complete & Utter Brasted’s.

The name may be new but the team at Brasted’s are hugely experienced old hands when it comes to bespoke and specialist event catering. Managing Director Nick Mills and Executive Chef Chris Buzz Busby are well known figures within the industry, and are helping the management team to drive this recently rebranded side of the business forward.

Senior Events Manager Rebecca Smith explains the thinking behind Complete & Utter Brasted’s: ‘Brasted’s has been delivering outside events for over 35 years and of course, our core values and ethos of outstanding service and high quality remain – we have simply added more flair and pizazz!

‘Over the years, the market has become more diverse and options for events even more creative and, in some cases outlandish. In turn, we have to think outside the box about how we deliver and create events, as well as keep ahead of the trends and what is available. We believe our contemporary new brand reflects how we have moved with the times, offering a modern and relevant service combined with our traditional values.’

And NOTHING is out of the question! Rebecca offers some examples: ‘We created an event in the summer where a client wanted to throw a birthday party for her husband using their favourite restaurant in the South of France as the basis for their menu. This let us get our creative juices flowing and we actually recreated the restaurant in their garden for 150!’

She adds: ‘We have produced a barbecue for nearly 4000 people in a field; a small dinner party on a boat on the Broads; a proposal dinner on the beach – the list goes on! Another event was a party based around a cabaret/Cirque du Soleil theme.’

And it doesn’t end there. ‘One of the really interesting things we do is fusion menus. Recently we had a bride from Hong Kong and the groom from Italy, so created a seven course menu with them using dishes from both countries. In another event we used English dishes and put an Asian twist on them.’

There is no question that discretion is key at Brasted’s, but Rebecca is allowed to tell us: ‘Amongst our clientele are many of the royals (including a small lunch for HRH Queen Elizabeth), actors and actresses, TV personalities and dignitaries of Norfolk.’

And the team are not confined to just East Anglia, as she adds: ‘We will travel anywhere the client would like us. We’ve been across England, all the way up to Scotland, and we are quite happy to travel abroad.’

As for plans for 2020, Rebecca says: ‘We have some Christmas experience parties at the Royal Norfolk Showground which is going to be something a little different to your regular parties.

‘We continue to do catering at the Royal Norfolk Show for the President and Vice President and are honoured to be asked back to the Suffolk Show this May. Alongside our current venues (Brasted’s, Langley Abbey, Somerleyton Hall, Sibton Wilderness and the Aviation Academy) 2020 will see Complete & Utter Brasted’s securing three new venues – watch this space!’

And Rebecca hints: ‘I can’t say too much, but we have something very exciting in the pipeline for 2021!’

One final thing: what’s behind the name Complete & Utter Brasted’s? Rebecca replies: ‘It’s a bit cheeky really! People have often misused ‘Brasted’s’ in jest, so we thought why not use it in jest ourselves?’

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