Thursday , May 19 2022
Taste Test 1

Taste Test

Taste Test 2The Great British Porridge Company
8 pots (60g) for £9.99
Porridge – it is one of the best starts to the day, isn’t it? This Sussex-based company, with a recommendation by none other than Stephen Fry, has new ‘bowls for one’ which are super easy. There are three flavours – blueberry and banana, classic chocolate and caffe latte – and you just water, wait a minute and voila! You have a tasty breakfast on the go. Best of all they are dairy free, gluten free, with no added sugar, and vegan.

Taste Test 3Adnams Kobold English Lager
£1.59 per 440ml can/£1.89 per 500ml bottle
Wow, the first lager (4.7 per cent) from Adnams and named after the legendary water spirit that protects sailors in the North Sea. Pale, golden yellow in colour, it uses malted barley from Norfolk and Suffolk, plus English Goldings hops to produce a crisp, clean drink – with a hint of lemon. It is great on its own or with light dishes like salads and seafood. Surely a certain success!

Taste Test 4Powters Sausages – Newmarket Pig
£3.15 for six
Made in Newmarket, these are really excellent sausages – and you’re a bit spoilt once you have had them! Each pack contains six hearty sausages, made with 72 percent pork. They are firm, maintain their shape and not greasy. They are delicately flavoured with thyme and parsley and are a solid, classic sausage – good in casseroles and tray bakes as well as with just creamy mash. Look out for other flavours which are just as good.

Taste Test 5Stokes Sauces Red Onion Marmalade
£3.85 for 265g
A sweetish, sticky chutney made with black treacle and balsamic vinegar which is a great addition to any cheese board or indeed cheese on toast!  It complements rather than overpowers what it is put with, bringing out the subtle flavours of each dish. Made in Suffolk, this vegan product is dairy and gluten free, and a jar is always present in the Feast Towers fridge. Check out other products in the range, too.

Taste Test 6Real Good Ketchup
£2.20 for 310g
Made without sugar, this tomato ketchup from Hampshire competes against the big boys! It is also free from, and created from plant-based ingredients, as you would wish, really, with a tomato ketchup. Low in salt, too, this vegan product has a lovely, fresh tomato taste and would perk up any dish. Even the squeezy recycled bottle is pleasing. A great find.

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