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Norwich social enterprise The Feed is raising cash for a new food truck. Find out more 

On the road 2Norwich-based social enterprise The Feed plans to buy a food truck so it can provide catering at locations in Norwich and around Norfolk. Whether it’s music or food festivals or private bookings from businesses and individuals, The Feed wants to have this new way of generating income.

Currently, The Feed’s café and catering business is closed until the lockdown restrictions are eased. However, behind the scenes the team is pushing ahead with plans to add another way of not only selling its food but creating opportunities. Lucy Parish, CEO at The Feed, pictured above, explains: ‘Having a food truck will give us a flexible way of taking our great food on the road. We’re hopeful that by summer, outdoor events will be able to take place and we can all get out to enjoy our city, county and more freedom than we’ve had recently.’

Prevention of poverty, hunger and homelessness is what The Feed is all about. At the heart of this is providing opportunities for people who have barriers to employment such as substance misuse and poor mental or physical health. By providing work experience, training and support in their cafe and catering operation The Feed helps people into the workplace and on a path to a brighter future. Lucy says: ‘Our food truck will be another way that people we work with can gain some new skills and confidence. We hope that businesses and individuals will come forward now to help us fund our truck.’

Anyone interested in sponsoring the truck or raising money towards it, should email or donate via the UK Virgin Money Giving website.

The Feed was set up in 2014 and their Prince of Wales Road base is home to a thriving cafe and catering business which provides breakfasts, lunches and other food options to customers and businesses.

In August 2020 it added a community fridge and freezer to its offering which makes donated food, which may otherwise have been wasted, available to people who are struggling to put food on the table.

Individuals are given work experience opportunities in the cafe and kitchen to develop retail and catering skills as well as gain confidence and self-esteem.

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