Wednesday , December 8 2021
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On the rise

Featured in issue 43 – February 2020

On the rise 2Bread is the food of love; the smell of freshly baked bread can stimulate the senses, it is comforting to eat, and it is perfect to share. For me bread evokes memories of my grandma’s saffron loaf, which was a bit similar to brioche and shaped like a Chelsea bun, and it was delicious.

Now bread is becoming part of the heart of the kitchen at Jarrold, as we will be baking our own bread in-house for all our restaurants and the Refectory at Norwich Cathedral. Heading up our new bakery is Aaron Proctor from Norwich bakery Pye Baker. He brings with him a wealth of artisan bread making experience so that we will be able to offer you freshly baked breads
every day.

We are looking to serve all types of bread in our eateries and the plan is to eventually sell fresh bread in our Deli. One of my favourite breads of the moment is Ryebread, which is a food trend at the moment. Rye is a great source of fibre, vitamins and minerals, plus antioxidants, so it is perfect for those looking to eat more healthily.

I also plan to add yeast cakes to the menu. These are a great option for brunch and perfect for tearing and shar ing – ideal for Valentine’s Day.

  • The Bakery at Jarrold is open now and you can experience Jarrold Own Brand bread in all restaurants. Freshly baked bread will also be available from the Deli for you to take home very soon.

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