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Mae Day Marketing 2Who are you and what do you do?
I am Judi-mae Alderton and I am an independent marketing consultant and owner of Mae Day Marketing. I am an avid fan of understanding consumer psychologies and digital technologies – my passion is using that knowledge to create game changing communications strategies for ambitious and forward thinking businesses.

Where did you train?
My interest in advertising started at an early age when I wished strongly there was an advert channel as I loved being inspired by their creativity. As a teenager this fascination lead me into doing an extra GCSE (psychology) alongside my A Levels and then I completed a degree at the University of East Anglia in IT and business studies, before attaining the equivalent of a second degree in digital marketing in 2008 via the Institute of Direct Marketing (now called the Institute of Data & Marketing).

How did you get started?
My career started as a graduate with a marketing assistant role for a local manufacturing company and grew from there. With each new role came more responsibility until I was head of a marketing department at Norfolk’s largest brewery. I have always been passionate about the rise in digital technology and the Internet: at every company, I have introduced my employers to new ideas and taken them out of their comfort zones. It came to the fore in 2009 when my team and I at Anglian Home Improvements won an award for the ‘Best use of Social Media’ after a crusade to win over the directors and introduce online marketing into the mix.

Why is marketing important to a business?
Marketing is communication: the activity a business needs to carry out in order to make people aware of its existence. In these days of cramped marketplaces, fussy consumers and innovative competitors, to not have a marketing strategy is like saying you don’t want people to hear about you. To grow and be a success, you have to connect with people and stay relevant in their minds to inspire loyalty. This involves a relationship, where the consumer feels something when they think about your company. This only happens via regular communication, showing your brand personality and giving something to your public. Whether that’s digital communications, in-person events or via established mediums such as print and TV, it’s how people hear about you and what drives your sales, your reputation and, fundamentally, your overall success.  

What made you specialise in food and drink?
From a personal perspective, food and drink is one of my passions, so when I started working for heritage brand Lacons Brewery in 2016, it was a dream come true to a certain extent. I’d always been part of the local food and drink scene, particularly beer, the Campaign for Real Ale and the Good Beer Guide, but taking it into my career was a proud milestone.

Do you have a typical day?
Every day in my life is completely different! I could be working on a project for a new client, perhaps designing a new website or setting up a social media strategy. If not, I might be writing copy for email campaigns, websites and brochures for my regular clients as well as running their social channels. If I am not actively working on projects, before lockdown (and hopefully again soon!) I would be out and about in the county meeting with people and networking with other business owners. I don’t work set hours, but I work hard and I work clever – everything I do I aim for complete success.

Any future plans you can share with us?
Just before lockdown, I joined the British Guild of Beer Writers and I have ambitions to help out more breweries and businesses in the brewing world, as well as pubs and beer shops too. 

How has Proudly Norfolk been able to help you?
Proudly Norfolk has helped me to meet local businesses and supported the launch of my consultancy brand in summer 2019. I am very grateful to them for the chances they have given me to spread the word about my business and how I can help those looking to be a success.

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