Thursday , May 19 2022
Profile: Carole Slaughter 1

Profile: Carole Slaughter

Profile: Carole Slaughter 2Who are you and what do you do?
I am Carole Slaughter and I am head of fundraising for the Big C – Norfolk’s cancer charity. I joined Big C in July 2019, and work with the fundraising and marketing teams.

Are you a keen cook?
I am, although my husband is now retired and I now have the luxury of coming home from work each day to a delicious meal. Nowadays, I enjoy spending more time baking cakes and, since lockdown, bread.

What’s your signature dish?
I think the family will agree it has to be my Christmas pudding which always contains barley wine and hubby’s best brandy and must have plenty of cherries mixed in with the fruit. The only problem is I can never make less than six so we eat them all year round! The secret ingredient for me is that everyone in the family has to have a stir of the mixture – oh, and there isn’t much measured in the recipe either!

Tell us about a memorable meal
I think our 40th wedding anniversary at Roger Hickman’s restaurant in Norwich is one that springs to my mind. Family and friends all came together for the celebration, but every element of the meal was just so delicious and the atmosphere was fantastic.

Where do you like to eat out here in East Anglia?
I always enjoy The White Horse at Brancaster Staithe in North Norfolk, and Benji’s restaurant at Jarrold’s in Norwich. Quality and service are always consistent.

Do you have any favourite local producers or products?
When in season, Cromer crabs are hard to beat and Hethersett honey – made right on my doorstep, is a treat.

Do you have a much loved gadget or gizmo?
I love my WMF vegetable peeler! I have never found anything better, and even have a spare new one just in case my current one gets lost.

What’s the best foodie present you’ve ever received?
In 1983 I was given a Hostess Trolley – and we still use it for big family meals and always on Christmas Day.

  • Big C celebrates its 40th birthday on October 10 this year. We’d love a birthday cake that can reflect Big C, and celebrate this achievement so we’ve launched a competition to design a cake! Check out for details on how to enter.

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