Thursday , May 19 2022

About Feast

We want to write about everyone, from the big farming families to the artisan producers to the supermarkets, from fine dining restaurants to quirky tea rooms; from wine recommendations to the latest kitchen gadgets.

We’re shining the spotlight on both well known and up and coming chefs, suggesting some great shops where you can buy all your foodie treats, and carrying a great selection of original recipes to try at home.

We also promise to be fair and independent, to campaign where we feel we should, to highlight new businesses and to promote local foodie events and activities.

And, just in case you think we’re sounding a bit too earnest, we promise to have masses of fun, too. After all, what beats tucking into a great meal and a glass or two of wine? It does it for me every time!

Do let us have your favourite recipes to share with other readers and let us know your thoughts about the magazine through our letters page. We love to hear from you. And be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

I hope you enjoy Feast Norfolk. Happy eating and drinking!

​Sarah Hardy