Monday , January 24 2022
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Simon Thompson of Bungay greengrocer Giddens and Thompson welcomes a new face to Bungay

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Hello from Bungay where summer is just around the corner and our lovely shop is bursting at the seams with fresh produce.

It really does feel that Earsham Street is going from strength to strength at the moment. We will soon have a new butcher, Palfrey & Hall, joining our fabulous foodie enclave. They are brilliant at what they do, and we welcome them with open arms. Placed alongside our greengrocers, Earsham Street Deli, The Little Green Wholefood Shop, Earsham Street Fish Company and the Front Room Bakery, it really can be a one-stop shopping destination for delicious, quality and locally sourced food.

On the fruit and veg front, we continue to be thrilled with all of this season’s goodies that are tantalising our taste buds! The new potatoes this year have been outstanding, really ‘melt-in-your-mouth’ delicious. As I always say, they are best done simply and letting their natural flavour shine through. Just add seasoning and butter and you are good to go!

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We can’t seem to get enough of the wonderful bags of Clinks Care Farm salad leaves into our shop these days, as they’ve now become loved by so many of our customers. Clinks also do the best spring onions! As well as having amazing produce, they are also amazing people. Clinks Care Farm is a social enterprise, started over a decade ago to offer placements to disadvantaged people. The natural environment and the day to day activities on the farm give them a therapeutic place to learn and grow. The Clinks deliveries are always full of smiles, and it shows in their food!

Very excitingly, there is a good supply of Sharrington’s strawberries in the shop from North Norfolk. They are so delicious tasting, just as English strawberries should be. It won’t be long before their amazing raspberries arrive on the scene. These are a personal favourite of mine, especially when combined with meringues and cream to make my ‘go to’ dessert. I know that recipes often say that Eton Mess should be made with strawberries, but I love it with raspberries – yum!

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Another local grower we have in our lovely little shop is George’s Gorgeous Gardens, and we sell pots of his wonderful organic herbs. These are perfect to buy to build your own herb garden, and for snipping off the fresh herbs for your salads and barbeques. They also have the added bonus of making the front of the shop look spectacular.

As June rolls ever closer, here on Earsham Street, we think that we’ve got a very busy summer ahead of us. We are looking forward to welcoming everyone to this very special shopping experience.

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