Thursday , May 19 2022
Columnists: Sam Bagge, general manager, Walsingham Farms Shop 1

Columnists: Sam Bagge, general manager, Walsingham Farms Shop

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Sam Bagge, general manager of Walsingham Farms Shop in North Norfolk, on life as lockdown eases

With the easing of lockdown restrictions on April 12, the sudden resurgence of visitors to the area has meant things are starting to feel a little more ‘normal’ for businesses on the North Norfolk coast. It’s been really nice to see familiar faces and some new faces, first time visitors to the region, and we certainly hope they enjoy our wonderful county.

Columnists: Sam Bagge, general manager, Walsingham Farms Shop 2

With it, unfortunately, has come some rather unwanted attention from a very small number of anti-coronavirus visitors, flyposting messages around our village and further afield. Whilst we are big believers in freedom of speech, we do have to say this is not the way to go about getting your view across. The mess and the inconvenience it causes to remove these stickers is a cost to the local community and in our case our business. These people have to remember we never signed up to having the restrictions on our business in place, and regardless of your thoughts on it, the restrictions and procedures we have to follow are dictated to us by local authority and the government. Thousands of pounds have had to be spent on signage, additional cleaning and sanitising stations and for these to be targeted by a very small, rather selfish group of people is really sad. Fortunately, we have had the full backing of the police, who continue to investigate and will hopefully prosecute for the criminal damage caused. 

On a more positive note, the recent weather has been glorious and our popular five for £20 BBQ selection and meat offering continues to grow. The offer now includes grill sticks (koftas), twin packs of chicken fillets, burgers, sausages, coated BBQ meats, premium steak mince, eight rasher bacon packs and much, much more.

The offer will continue to run throughout the spring and into the summer, and can be pre-ordered for collection or postal delivery.

  • Walsingham Farms Shop is in Little Walsingham and opens seven days a week. There is also a stall on Norwich Market.
Columnists: Sam Bagge, general manager, Walsingham Farms Shop 3

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