Thursday , May 19 2022
Columnists: The Vineyard Diaries 1

Columnists: The Vineyard Diaries

Laura Robinson and Samantha Ciritci of Burn Valley Vineyard in North Norfolk tell us about life among the grapes!

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Our busy month kicked off with a trip to Creake Abbey Farmers’ Market which is always one of our favourites. It’s such a great opportunity to see so many friendly faces (the Abbey is just across the road from our father’s farmhouse where we grew up) so it doesn’t take much effort to ship our stock down there; making it a relatively easy morning setting up. We always grab a coffee at about 8:30am ‘pre-punters’ as there’s more often than not a queue by 9am! It’s also quite special as it’s a rare few hours for us both to catch up with each other’s news without the children and have some sister giggles and gossip. 

I say that, but this month it was so busy we hardly had a chance for any of that! We were over the moon with the feedback on our 2020 wines as it was the first time they were put to the taste test to the general public, and many bottles were purchased for your Easter celebrations. The next Creake Abbey Market is Saturday, May 1.

The labels for our first ever dessert wine, named Solar to reflect the late harvested Solaris grapes in the wine, arrived, so the bottles are now ready to buy – don’t hang about as there are just 400 bottles available which can only be bought direct from us or at any farmers’ markets we attend.

A little update from the vineyard itself: our amazing team has finished ‘tying down’ the canes to the fruiting wire and we are just starting to see ‘bud burst’ – the first signs of the new year of winemaking. It’s such a lovely sight to see, but at this time of year it does cause a few worries, as a late frost can sometimes wipe out an entire crop. We are fortunate in that, being so close to the coast, we tend not to suffer as badly as other vineyards with frost damage.  What with the bizarre weather we are having (today I’ve sat in the sun in the garden and soon after watched hail come by the window), who knows what to expect!

Columnists: The Vineyard Diaries 3Finally, this week we have released our 2021 Secret Supper and Steak Night dates. We hold these nights in our marquee outside the winery and they are always a big hit! These events are a joint ‘spectacular’ where the vineyard teams up with our sister company, Burn Valley Catering, run by Laura and her talented chef partner, Steve, and their team.

The Secret Supper nights are a five-course extravaganza which can be paired with a Burn Valley wine flight (a glass of BV with each course). All we need to know about is any allergies, and the rest will be a surprise for your tastebuds!

The Steak Nights consists of two courses: a choice of steak (cooked in Bertha, our trusty charcoal oven) which is accompanied by all the extras you’d need without having to ask – and then a scrummy dessert to finish. You can buy glasses and bottles of BV wine on the night.

Also don’t forget our usual wine tasting sessions and lunches are now available to book. They take place every Thursday, Friday or Saturday from now until September. We also open for wine sales from Mondays to Saturdays, from noon to 3pm.

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