Tuesday , January 18 2022
Columnists: Simon Thompson, Giddens and Thompson, Bungay 1

Columnists: Simon Thompson, Giddens and Thompson, Bungay

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Bungay greengrocer Simon Thompson on why he can’t get enough of summer’s juicy fruits

Columnists: Simon Thompson, Giddens and Thompson, Bungay 2

Gosh, where to start? There is so much wonderful new season produce coming through the door that it would make a very boring column if I just used up all the space listing everything! Suffice to say, if you love your summer fruit and veg, now is the time to come into Giddens and Thompson as we have new produce arriving almost daily. 

At this time of year, the in-season fruit, especially, changes so quickly, and you do not want to miss out on the amazing produce that is showcased in these summer months.

Soft fruits are now starting to hit the shelves and one of my absolute favourites of summer are the flat peaches, sometimes called ‘doughnut’ peaches. They are so sweet, juicy, and delicious. I love to chop one up and put it on my porridge, with a naughty drizzle of agave syrup, yum yum! 

It won’t be long before the English cherries are here. These are another of my favourites. It is difficult not to eat so many of them that you get tummy ache! 

Columnists: Simon Thompson, Giddens and Thompson, Bungay 3

It would be remiss of me to not mention salads at this time of year. The mixed salad leaves are delicious, and I like to ‘mix-and-match’ with a Cos or Oak Leaf lettuce, then sprinkle some pea shoots into the mix, to top it off add a honey and mustard dressing and – ooh la la! We have very happy taste buds! 

This month, I’d like to give a special mention to one of my suppliers, Clinks Care Farm. Not only do they grow the most fantastic produce as naturally as possible, but the farm is a therapeutic one where people with mental health issues and disabilities can go to work. It’s incredibly valuable to the community and I encourage everybody to find out more and do what they can to support this amazing place. 

My biggest challenge at this time of year is trying to find the space to display everything! After all, we are really only a small shop that tries hard to have the best variety of produce available as we possibly can. That said, if you want something we don’t stock, let me know! 

Our customers are often not only surprised at how much we manage to pack into the shop, but also that we can quite often get more unusual fruit and veg items into G&T within 24 hours of being requested.

Columnists: Simon Thompson, Giddens and Thompson, Bungay 4

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