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Columnists: Proudly Norfolk - The Norfolk Hub 1

Columnists: Proudly Norfolk – The Norfolk Hub

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Find out more about The Norfolk Hub and their Pantry plans

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Who are you and what do you do?
We are Chris Oxbury and Harri Bullen who have recently joined The Norfolk Hub to create and launch the Norfolk Hub Pantry! The Hub was originally founded in 2018 as a business to promote, sell and distribute small, local, craft produce from brewers and distillers in Norfolk. With the aim of encouraging Norfolk businesses to use local suppliers we hope to create a sustainable local economy driven by small businesses who each deliver excellence in their own way. Over the last year we have developed the Hub to include edible produce, ethically and lovingly created in Norfolk – a natural extension of the business and its founding ethos. 

Give us an example of the products available?
Every business we work with is local to Norfolk. We are proud to be representing and supporting a number of deeply passionate producers creating the best that Norfolk has to offer. We are so excited to be expanding and enhancing our range to include food and pantry goods from a county that has a wealth of produce.

The Hub boxes look fun?
Thank you! Norfolk is an incredible county to live in and we are blessed with an abundance of talented and passionate producers who can utilise our tremendous landscape, agriculture and harvest.

How has the pandemic altered what you do? Have you seen any changes in consumer habits?
Obviously we lost all of our on trade customers, so that affected our sales dramatically and plans for growth. However, what it did do is cement our relationship with the off trade shop customers and we saw great support because of it, and actually our sales figures grew year on year from 2019 – 20. Plus, a lot of new farm shops opened up, and people were looking to purchase from their small community shops, which is a positive trend we are very much in favour of.

Who buys from you? Trade, the public? 
Both! We started off initially selling and distributing to many of Norfolk’s prestigious pubs, restaurants and shops and are now excited to be expanding into the holiday lettings sector, providing welcome boxes for guests full of Norfolk goodies to enjoy from the moment they arrive.

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Any future plans – we hear talk of a Pantry? 
Lots! As well as looking to bring more local suppliers on board in the coming months, we are developing a trainee and apprenticeship scheme and can help people access the support available through Apprenticeships Norfolk . We will be publishing more about this once it is launched. We are passionate about supporting local businesses and creating apprenticeship opportunities through our network, bringing quality jobs and sustainable employment to the local economy in the tourism and hospitality sector. 

Tell us about your involvement with Proudly Norfolk?
We are one of the headline sponsors and are looking to have an active role in supporting food and drink across Norfolk and beyond. The connections we have made through Proudly Norfolk have been invaluable in setting up The Pantry. We also hope to continue to support and promote local businesses in conjunction with Proudly Norfolk on the apprenticeship scheme.

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