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Columnists - Proudly Norfolk: The Barsham Arms, North Norfolk 1

Columnists – Proudly Norfolk: The Barsham Arms, North Norfolk

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Meet the team behind The Barsham Arms in North Norfolk

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Who are you and what do you do?
We are Jacob Garwood and Terri Matthews of The Barsham Arms in East Barsham, in North Norfolk. We serve locally sourced, modern British food and drink at our beautiful 17th century country pub with the constant aim of providing a relaxed, comfortable, and welcoming environment for our guests. 

Tell us a little about yourselves?
We are true Norfolk boys and girls; we have trained and worked in the county all our lives and are more than a little passionate about showcasing produce and products from the area. We came here two years ago after working in several venues on the picturesque Norfolk Broads and instantly fell in love with The Barsham Arms, the surrounding area, and the wonderful people that live here. 

How important is local, seasonal produce to what you offer?
We are driven by all things local and seasonal: from Barsham Brewery’s Pilgrim’s pale ale to Jimmy’s freshly caught crabs, Portwood purple asparagus, Black Shuck’s pink blush gin, Norfolk brewed blood orange tea and Crush Foods’ cold pressed rapeseed oil – these are the things that excite us and we are proud to work with. We make everything from scratch in the kitchen, from our crumpets to our elderflower cordial. Basically, if it is on our menu then it has been made in our kitchen with love and attention. 

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How have you adapted what you do following the pandemic?
One of our biggest drives over the last year, and through the pandemic, has been produce that we grow ourselves, developing our gardens and courtyards into productive spaces so that we can grow all manner of things such as hibiscus, rhubarb, golden raspberries, and lots of unusual fruit trees. We have also put a lot of time and effort into renovations with the rooms and pub itself. We have tried not to change throughout the pandemic in all honesty – we came here with a truly clear idea of what we wanted to do and, whilst conforming to the covid rules has affected a few minor details, we are determined not to change the ethos of our business. 

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Any future plans you can share with us?
One of our biggest plans moving forward are some taster menu evenings that will be themed around our superb suppliers so that we can really show off their products and let them explain to our guests all about what they do and why it’s so good, which it really is. 

How green is your business?
We try to be as green as physically possible, minimising any plastic use and consumption, planting plenty of bee friendly flowers and trees, only using sustainable fish sources and minimising our carbon footprint by buying as locally as possible. Being ethical about what we do is important and we understand that it’s not always easy or achievable, but trying is the way forward.

How has Proudly Norfolk been able to help you?
Proudly Norfolk is a fantastic group and for us, the biggest bonus is meeting other similarly minded people whose businesses we can use and promote.

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