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Proudly Norfolk: Starlings of Swaffham 1

Proudly Norfolk: Starlings of Swaffham

Starlings of Swaffham |

Proudly Norfolk

Meet Kim Starling of Starlings of Swaffham whose fruit baskets are going nationwide!

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Who are you and what do you do? 
We are Starlings of Swaffham and we are mainly a florist, but we also sell fruit and veg, with our  fruit baskets becoming extremely popular.

Where are you based and what’s the business’s heritage?
We are right in the centre of the beautiful market town of Swaffham and the business was started by my parents in the 1960s.

Who is in the team?
We are a small team of eight – me (Kim), plus Jane, Dorothy, Jola, Kat, Sue, Paul and Ann!

What do you sell?
We provide a full floristry service which is available for local delivery. Our style is modern and innovative. We also offer a plastic free service called Simply Wrapped. We sell fruit and veg, and veg boxes and wow, these have proved super popular during the pandemic and are available for collection from our shop. We work with several Norfolk producers including Gnaw Chocolate and Candi’s Chutney, both Proudly Norfolk stars, and these are popular in our fruit baskets.

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Tell us about your fruit baskets
These are the stars of the show! They have become a national business as they are created in Swaffham and delivered across the UK by a courier company. One of our most exciting contracts last year was to supply fruit baskets to Electronic Arts, the UK’s leading video game company for the launch of FIFA 2021. Our fruit baskets are beautifully presented with stylish handmade decorations, the fruit used is first class, and our customer care is excellent so we have managed to create a brand which has some very impressive clients.

How has Covid 19 impacted on your business? 
Covid has meant that we have become even busier, with people wanting to send gifts across the UK. The work is harder as I am dedicated to keeping my team and our customers safe – with constant cleaning and working in separate bubbles where we can. 

Do you have any future plans you can share with us?
We have some very exciting plans for the future, with eco products coming onboard, and company expansion.

How has Proudly Norfolk been able to help you?
Proudly Norfolk and in particular Sarah, are just awesome – supportive, informative and so much more. There is so much talent in Norfolk and we are so glad to be a member.

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