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Flour Power – Novo Farina

Novofarina is a new range of British grown and nutritious, gluten free pea flour, with its HQ just outside Norwich. Vicki Myhill tells us more.

Who are you and what do you do?
Novo Farina produce flour based ingredients which are high protein, high fibre, gluten free and 100 per cent British.

Where are you based?
We are based in Bowthorpe, Norwich, where the flour and crumb coatings are produced.

How did you get started?
Throughout 2016 a group, with its roots deep in East Anglia, worked closely together to work on an innovative new product, centred around the humble yellow pea. Being gluten free and packed with health benefits, they believed they could create a truly versatile flour that ticked a lot of boxes for ‘free from’ and optimum nutrition. Working with local farmers in Norfolk, carefully selecting the best seed variety to grow, mill and produce pea flour, the first commercial crop was grown in 2017.

Tell us about what you produce?
We can offer a range of British grown and produced Novofarina flours, as well as whole and split peas. And the Novofarina crumb coatings range is suitable for frying, grilling and baking, giving a wonderful golden colour and crispy bite – the perfect gluten free coating for meat, poultry and vegetables.

How important is it to be producing a Free From product in this day and age?
With consumer demand for flexitarian, clean label (a food product which has a simpler, shorter, healthier ingredients list) and sustainable ingredients on the rise from an ever growing health conscious public, along with the demand for free from, meat-free and vegan products, we knew the ingredients we produced would be well-timed to appeal not only to the gluten free market, but to those who are environmentally aware, as well as those looking for non-animal-derived protein.

It all sounds very healthy – can you tell us more?
Made from selected British peas, the award winning Novofarina flours and crumb coatings are naturally gluten free and high in protein, dietary fibre and essential minerals, whilst also being very low in fat, free from major allergens and totally clean label with no additives.

How important is it that your flour is British grown?
We believe Novo Farina is the only UK company with a seed-to-pack approach to the use of peas for ingredients, ensuring they not only have a UK traceable provenance, are guaranteed gluten free and highly nutritional and affordable, but with the taste neutral element can be incorporated into a wide range of sweet and savoury recipes.

Where can we buy your products?
Consumers can buy the flour and crumb from our online shop, with local farm and health shops also soon stocking our products. Locally, we will also be at the Big Norfolk Sausage Bash in May and the Royal Norfolk Show in June.

How green is your company?
Peas are both sustainable and environmentally friendly, taking nitrogen from the air and transporting it into the soil via the plant’s root system, reducing the need for nitrogen fertilisers. They also have a low carbon footprint compared to animal protein and require less water consumption than other root crops.

Any future plans?
Watch this space for pre-blended batter mixes for pancakes and Yorkshire puddings, pizza base mixes and excitingly healthy pea-based snacks.

How has Proudly Norfolk have been able to help you?
Although we are relatively new members, Proudly Norfolk has already put us in touch with a couple of other members they felt we might have synergy with, which is great. Karen from Proudly Norfolk has even had some of our pea flour to make our chocolate brownie recipe, a hit in the office!

Published in Feast issue 35 – April 2019

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