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Churros and Chorizo

Delicias Españolas

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Published in Feast issue 37 – June 2019

Who are you and what do you do?
I’m Nick Brewer, a chef who trained at City College Norwich. I’m now the owner of Spanish Street Food Events Catering Company, Churros & Chorizo. We use what we regard as the very best imported food products. We also tap into the great local scene where we can, using a local baker for our bread and local butcher who supplies our pork and chorizo burgers exclusively to us, and exactly to our recipe! 

Where are you based?
We don’t really have a fixed abode as we are mobile. We go out and about in our van named Dolores to any event in the county and beyond – that’s if we have availability of course! 

How did you get started?
We have been going as a company for nearly two years. We started off with a permanent stall on Norwich Market which I ran with my previous business partner Hugo – he still runs the stall under a different name. We came up with the idea after both returning from living in Spain and seeing a gap in the thriving local food scene. I decided to leave the market quite recently, taking Churros & Chorizo with me on the road as that side of the business was going crazy. 

Churros & Chorizo has a nice ring to it – who thought of the name?
I will have to give credit to my wife Natalie for this one! It was of the first names that came out of a family brainstorming session and it just stuck. It instantly tells our customers what to expect – we always do churros wherever we go and the previously mentioned pork and chorizo burgers are always on the menu too – everything else has evolved, keeping us and hopefully our customers interested. 

What’s so appealing about Spanish street food?
It’s unique (to this area anyway), simple and really tasty. Our other menu items are our own Spanish twist on traditional burgers/hot dogs which everyone loves. We let the ingredients speak for themselves, which sums up the whole ethos of Spanish food in my opinion. We also do tapas style buffets and lots of stew type dishes. 

Where can we find you over the summer?
We will be out and about at a variety of different events, whether it be pop ups at local pubs, music festivals, street food events, weddings, private parties etc. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages – we always post where we are. 

Will you be at Proudly Norfolk Food and Drink Festival in Norwich this month?
Dolores will be parked up with the other street food vendors – we are really looking forward to it. 

Any future plans?
Now that’s the million dollar question. Having a unit to work from would be nice, with a fleet of vans going out here, there and everywhere every day. We have needed that this year on certain dates, as I am now turning away a lot of business, which is a bit frustrating, so you never know – watch this space. 

How has Proudly Norfolk been able to help you?
Proudly Norfolk is great; it’s a growing family of local independent businesses. Everyone seems to help/support each other in a really positive way and it’s a real ‘foodie club’ so you are always getting pointed in the right direction, if you need any help or advice at all. 

They run seminars on different relevant topics, but we haven’t managed to get to one so far as we are always booked up! 

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