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Columnists: The Hog Hotel, Pakefield, Suffolk 1

Columnists: The Hog Hotel, Pakefield, Suffolk

The Hog Hotel, Pakefield |

Columnists: The Hog Hotel, Pakefield, Suffolk 2

Sally Jones of The Hog Hotel in Pakefield, near Lowestoft, discusses the importance of manners

‘A person who is nice to you, but who is rude to the waiter, is not a nice person,’ Dave Barry, American author

Local Suffolk lad, a certain Ed Sheeran, was on the radio the other morning promoting his new single, Bad Habits (I suppose the title links to the article, too) and he told a story of how he makes a decision on what sort of person someone is by how they treat his security guard. 

It made me smile. I feel this way about our hotel and restaurant customers, most of whom are lovely, patient and understanding with our young team, but we have had a couple of real corkers this month. Our General Manager Cathy will certainly tell you that her favourite was a gentleman who snapped his fingers at her or the staff from the breakfast table when he wanted something.  Every day, for a whole week. Perhaps it is being cooped up for months on end and then finally being allowed out that have made people forget their manners. Let’s hope so.

Feedback is critical though, and we are always so grateful to those who take the time to drop us an email (or even a handwritten card) after their meal or stay.  As well as effusive thank yous, a constructive piece of feedback can be very effective, and also pretty much guarantee that we will be really wanting to look after them even more the next time they come, whether that be a room upgrade, a pre-dinner drink or the best table in the house. Let’s just say we will also remember Mr Snappy Fingers should he choose to stay again, and he may just happen to get the room overlooking the bins!

Good manners are also critical when asking for something and I think this too has been forgotten in today’s world. Since reopening we have had a plethora of requests from people looking for sponsorship for various, no doubt excellent, good causes, in the form of free meals, a free stay, a free bottle of wine or even just plain hard cash.

However, we can’t help everybody, and a ‘to whom it may concern’ approach via an Instagram message from someone who has never even crossed the threshold won’t hold much of a punch.  Upon chatting to a long in the tooth fellow local landlord about it, he gave us some sound advice. He will only consider requests from regular customers, who know him by name and come to ask him in person, if it is a charity he wants to support, and if he can afford to do so at that time.

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Our new summer lighter menu has launched although clearly the weather didn’t get the memo. Already popular is the half lobster and chips available on a Sunday and anything involving Cromer crab! A regular customer’s birthday lunch on Saturday saw both tables of six ordering twelve dressed crabs, followed by numerous cocktails prepared by Reece, and meant we had to call in some favours from our fishmongers for Sunday. 

Their manners, by the way, were impeccable.

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