Friday , January 28 2022
Walsingham Farms Shop: Home Deliveries 1

Walsingham Farms Shop: Home Deliveries

Sam Bagge  |

Sam Bagge, general manager at Walsingham Farms Shop in North Norfolk, wonders if ordering food deliveries will remain the new normal as lockdown eases

Walsingham Farms Shop: Home Deliveries 2

We are quickly coming up to the first year anniversary of starting our order and collect/delivery service, which as we all know has come about due to the pandemic. But the question is will it just become the new normal for people? Or will people resort to old habits as the economy opens up and restrictions are lifted?

We plan to continue to take orders daily for collections for any items we sell, however big or small, and we continue to get enquiries from those that have booked self-catering cottages or holiday homes from April 12. All good news and very welcome, but I guess from our side of things it’s tinged with a little sadness as we love welcoming people into our shop and we feel the true character of our business, and what sets us apart from others, is the way we retail: our displays, tastings, knowledge sharing, our team’s excellent customer service skills and so on – things that you can’t really get across on an email reply or lifting boxes into someone’s car boot. Perhaps though, slowly over time, people will really want to have that authentic retail experience not behind a screen or over the phone. Our high streets will literally depend on it.

I believe it will mean that physical retailers and independents like ourselves will have to be even more creative with the way we offer our products and how we ‘show off’ our business, particularly in the new digital age.

We certainly hope that ordering and collecting will run alongside a return to what we love to do, our face-to-face business, but that we can, ultimately, help and support each and every customer in all that they want and need.

  • Our order and collect service is available Tuesday to Saturday, with deliveries on Tuesdays and Fridays until the end of March.
  • Our shop is open Tuesday to Saturday 9am – 5pm and 10am – 4pm on Sundays.
    We reopen on Mondays from April 1.
  • Our Norwich market stall will also re-open from April 1 and we are taking orders for collection there, too.
Walsingham Farms Shop: Home Deliveries 3

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