Friday , January 28 2022
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Bungay greengrocer Simon Thompson of Giddens and Thompson on the fruit and veg for your Christmas table

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December is here in all its glory and we’ve even had a little snow to welcome this festive month. I think this year we are all aware that we won’t be able to have the big family Christmas we are used to. However, we still need something to look forward to and good food will be at the heart of that.

With that in mind, Giddens and Thompson have been busy making sure that we have all your usual festive favourites in our lovely shop in Bungay. From small boxes of clementines to lychees, which are very popular this time of year, we have everything you could need and more. And of course, we wouldn’t be G&T without our mountain of Brussels sprout stalks! The moment that these green delights arrive really marks the start of the festive season for me.

Away from these perennial favourites, we have many other vegetables now coming into season. This includes cauliflowers, perfect for making a cauliflower cheese, although I love mine roasted with spices and herbs and drizzled with rapeseed oil. The main crop of potatoes is also now bang in season, perfect for your Christmas roasties, and we have a bigger variety of mushrooms making an appearance this time of year that go well with lazy breakfasts and quick suppers alike.

Also coming into season are the jewelled delights that are pomegranates. That splash of colour really does lend some cheer at this time of year, and this lovely fruit adds both texture and a sharp sweetness to salads and desserts alike.

I am delighted to say that our website is now fully functioning and working well. We are doing our Christmas orders once more, and these need to be placed for collection or delivery by December 18. I am so excited as the website will do all the hard work for me, collating the quantities ordered and leaving me free to enjoy festive cheer rather than spending days working out how many kilograms of carrots are needed for Rudolph this year!

Again, my repeated plea is to buy from your high street and not from the supermarkets. We really do need your support more than ever. You only have to watch the news and see the shops closing to realise that we are living in fragile times. Our little independent shops give so much to the community, and we don’t want to see the New Year turning into bleak times for them.

All that is left for me to say is have a fantastic festive season, enjoy your fruit and veg, and let’s all hope for a better year in 2021!

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