Tuesday , May 17 2022
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Giddens and Thompson, Bungay

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Giddens and Thompson, Bungay 2Earsham Street in Bungay has remained busy since lockdown eased, but we have noticed that more people have returned to supermarkets and stopped using their local suppliers and producers who kept them so well stocked during this difficult period.

I know that this is inevitable, but I would encourage people to continue supporting their local high street. We are always there for you, and believe me, we really do a happy dance when people keep coming back as they love not only our fruit and veg, but also that personal touch we pride ourselves on.

I am hoping that my Giddens & Thompson website will be available very soon, making it much easier for people to order online. And, of course, we are still doing home deliveries, something that has now become the norm for us, so give us a call and order your autumnal produce!

What should you be ordering right now? English apples are excellent at his time of year. We mainly get ours from the wonderful High House Farm near Woodbridge. Ribston Pippins, the original Cox, are my favourite, but I am also a massive fan of Russets. And let’s face it, who doesn’t love an apple pie or crumble right now? Just add lashings of cream/custard/ice cream – or all three!

Our main crop potatoes are back, and I love the red Stemsters and white Wiljas from Boundary Farm in Norfolk, a fantastic local potato grower. Another of my favourites for this time of year is the much maligned beetroot. This underrated vegetable is so delicious and versatile, especially roasted and drizzled with a balsamic glaze. 

We are very definitely at the turn of the year and our attention turns to the earthier notes of watercress, celeriac, and parsnips. Pumpkins and squashes are also in focus, and not just because it is Hallowe’en, but also because they taste delicious! 

Whether you roast them or mash them, I love these wonderfully-shaped delights, and they also add so much colour to your plate which is much needed as the days are definitely beginning to draw in.

There are so many delicious recipes just waiting to use these seasonal ingredients, and that encapsulates why I love my job as a greengrocer so much – sharing the fruits of the earth with our fantastic customers and friends.

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