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Sister Act
Who are you and what do you do?
We are twin sisters Lauren and Sophie Chittock, and we run Nuoi Foods. We believe that food should be wholesome, natural and sustainable which is why we use 100 per cent natural ingredients, no refined sugar, no palm oil and absolutely no additives in any of our products. Everything is completely vegan and gluten free. We have started our health food journey with a range of all-natural nut butters in flavours that aren’t currently available in Britain.

Where are you based?

Our kitchen is based in Diss and we both live in Norwich.

What exactly is nut butter?
Nut butter is similar to peanut butter but we use a whole range of different nuts, seeds, and other natural ingredients such as coconut flesh and coconut nectar to get a unique range.

How long have you been going?
We started in January 2017 and have been overwhelmed by the positive response from our customers and the lovely support from local people and businesses.

What inspires/inspired you?
Whilst travelling in Australia, Sophie was an avid gym-goer and health food enthusiast and found that the country offered a great range of interesting nut butters and spreads. These were made with a variety of different nuts, flavours and interesting ingredients. Upon returning to the UK, she realised that the UK market failed to offer much more than standard supermarket peanut butter. Both of us are nut butter lovers and decided that, if we couldn’t buy different blends that had no sugar or palm oil, we would make them ourselves. We started making nut butters in our home in Norwich for breakfast and slowly began experimenting with different nuts and flavours. After our friends tried our blends and told us how amazing they tasted, we discovered we had found a gap in the market.

It is a great name - does it mean anything?
Nuoi is Vietnamese and is means to nourish, to nurture, to feed and to grow. We travelled Vietnam last summer and loved their communal food culture and discovered this word on our travels. So when we were thinking of business names ‘Nuoi’ cropped back up.

Where can we buy your products?
Rainbow Wholefoods, City Farm Shop, Earsham Street Deli, Norfolk Deli, Little Shop of Vegans (with many more in the pipeline).

Have you got a best seller?
Pecan Pie is always a winner.

Any future plans?
We would like Nuoi Foods to become a household health food brand name with a range that expands beyond nut butter.

What do you like doing when you're cooking?
We spend entire weekends making nut butter and rarely leave the kitchen. We put on our chef whites and hair nets (take the occasional selfie) and listen to music whilst making our products.

How has Norfolk Food and Drink been able to help you?
They have been a great support to us as a new business and given us many opportunities that we wouldn't have even known about ourselves. They supported us in getting to the Norfolk Show and introduced us to Mike Fish at Scrummy Pig at Wroxham Barns who sponsored us to be part of Proudly Norfolk.